Product groups

On-Board Computer

On-Board Computer provide a reliable central computer for your spacecraft, with flexible interfacing and a robust and redundant CPU.

Payload Data Handling Units

Payload Data Handling Units provide mass memory, supporting a wide range of data throughput and storage needs for all customers.

Data Processing Units

Data Processing Units are a versatile solution for all data processing needs, for data compression, encryption, and any other data processing needs.

Instrument Control Units

Instrument Control Units provide a reliable system to operate and control advanced payloads with a large number of flexible interfaces and analogue and digital control systems.

Ground Support Equipment

Ground equipment solutions, from boardlevel to boxlevel testers, redefine versatility and efficiency in the industry.

Box- and Boardlevel

Aligning with your unique demands, DSI offers versatile solutions designed either at the unit or sub-unit level. This means we deliver our state-of-the-art products as an independent unit enclosed in its own specialized mechanical housing (boxed) or as a compact board, which serves as a sub-unit. With this flexible approach, we ensure our solutions perfectly match your project specifications. Whether you require a complete system or a modular component to integrate into your existing architecture, DSI is equipped to meet and exceed your expectations.


Enrich your projects with DSI’s seasoned engineering team. Our expertise spans across project management, system engineering, and hardware, firmware, and software development, including verification and product assurance. We take pride in our comprehensive approach, which covers every step from design to implementation, testing and integration. Confronted with a challenge and in need of an innovative, cost-efficient solution? We’re here to deliver.

Our specialization encapsulates a broad spectrum:

  • Aerospace security, data handling, instrument control
  • Information and system security
  • Creation of custom FPGA-based IP-cores
  • Embedded software development across various platforms

Count on us for exceptional EGSE and test systems.


In addition to our top-tier engineering services, DSI is also proud to offer access to an array of sophisticated tools and facilities designed to facilitate high-level, precise development and testing. Our repertoire includes:

  • CAD/Analysis Tools for comprehensive design and analyses, spanning PCB (Altium, OrCAD), FPGA (Xilinx, Actel, Mentor), mechanical (Inventor, Ansys), and thermal analysis (ESATAN).
  • Software Verification Tools such as the Scitools Understand static analysis tool, Bullseye Code Coverage tool, TSIM LEON simulator GRMON 2/3 for on-target debugging and testing.
  • Polarion, a state-of-the-art requirements management tool.
  • ISO Class 7 clean room, specifically designed for flight hardware integration.
  • Thermal and vacuum test chambers that mimic various environmental conditions.
  • EMI/RFI-shielded Crypto Chamber. 
  • Easy access to EMC test facilities and vibration, shock, and acceleration testing facilities.
  • Well-equipped mechanical and electrical workshops.

Further, if you’re interested in leveraging our facilities for your in-house testing needs, we offer convenient rental arrangements. Connect with us to learn more about how DSI’s tools and facilities can help drive your project’s success.

Radiation Testing

DSI offers expert radiation up-screening services, crucial for qualifying new equipment for both traditional and New Space missions. Specializing in radiation characterization of memory devices and FPGAs, DSI provides vital in-situ testing and real-time event detection, efficiently identifying and isolating specific fault types. As the industry’s needs evolve, DSI remains flexible with a customizable platform for radiation up-screening, adapting rapidly to sophisticated ’systems on a chip‘.

Our customers

We are proud to work with some of the most innovative and respected organizations in the field of space exploration and technology.

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