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People at DSI

At DSI, our diverse and innovative team is the backbone of our groundbreaking space technology solutions. Through collaboration and continuous learning, we push boundaries and deliver innovative products, while valuing each member’s contributions. Together, we’re not just a company—we’re a community making a significant impact—for a better space.

About the work

Working at DSI

At DSI, joining our extraordinary team means pioneering the future of space technology in a stimulating and visionary work environment. We value work-life balance and provide opportunities for continuous growth.

DSI: Space Pioneers with a Human Touch

Our commitment to innovation is balanced by a deep sense of responsibility, ensuring integrity-driven and sustainable advancements, both on Earth and beyond. Through these principles, we aim to shape a brighter future – for a better space.

5 reasons to work at DSI

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    Supportive Team

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    Professional Development

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    Attractive Benefits

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    Collaborative Tasks

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    Endeavoring Environment

“I value the family-like atmosphere at DSI. It’s important to me that our candidates not only have the required technical skills but also fit well into our team.”

Claudia Ricke
Head of Recruiting & Talent Development


Company Pension Plan

At DSI we offer you supplementary pension and occupational disability insurance.

Health and Care

Profit from a job bike, company fitness, regular check-ups, driver safety training and various consulting offers.

Corporate and Team Events

Attend our events by yourself or bring your whole family – the more the merrier!


Enjoy 30+1 vacation days, mobile working, flexitime and family-oriented working hours.

Your way to us

We’re always interested in meeting talented individuals. To apply for one of our vacancies follow the application process outlined at our homepage. If there is no suitable position we also welcome unsolicited applications.


Boost your career at DSI, elevate your expertise, and pioneer groundbreaking solutions.

Students & Thesis

Take the leap with DSI, learn from leading experts and make your initial steps in the space community.

What positions are currently open at DSI?

Our current openings are listed on the Professionals page.

What fields does DSI specialize in?

DSI is a specialist in spaceborne digital equipment and related technologies, but our work spans a range of disciplines including engineering, firmware/software development, project management, radiation testing and more.

How can I apply for a job at DSI?

Check out our open positions for professionals and contact us directly by email

Do you offer internships for students?

Yes, we value the fresh perspectives that students bring and we frequently offer internships. Keep an eye on our Students page for these opportunities.

What’s the work culture like at DSI?

At DSI, we foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. We value the unique skills and perspectives each team member brings, and we believe that diversity fuels our success.

Do you offer remote work options?

Depending on the role and project needs, we offer remote work opportunities.

What type of career development opportunities does DSI offer?

DSI is committed to the professional growth of its employees. We encourage participation in conferences, workshops and courses.

I’ve sent in my application. When can I expect a response?

We strive to respond to all applicants within two weeks of receiving the application.

What does the interview process look like?

Our interview process usually involves a first Video-Speedinterview, followed by a technical interview, and a final interview with our leadership team.

I didn’t see a job that fits my skills, but I’m interested in DSI. Can I still apply?

Yes, we’re always interested in meeting talented individuals. You can submit a general application through our Careers page.


Since 1997 DSIs team of highly skilled engineers offer tailored, sophisticated designs for airborne and space applications

At DSI, we are hands-on with state-of-the-art hardware destined for space missions

We excel in our capability to conduct in-house testing and verification at our headquarters in Bremen

From Project Management to Systems Engineering, Firmware and Software Design, DSI offers a wide array of opportunities

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